OnionPakora 3.95

Crispy batter fried onions with puffed rice serve with tamarind chutney.

Grilled Halloumi 4.75

Grilled Halloumi cheese marinated with mint and coriander and Beef tomato relish.

Potato and Corn cakes 3.95

Grilled potato and sweet corn cakes served with ginger and coriander relish.

Vegetarian Platter  4.95

Potato and corn cake, grilled Halloumi, onion fritter with mint and coriander chutney.

Basil Grilled Chicken 4.95

Succulent chicken marinated with basil and cheese cooked in tandoor with tomato relish.

Kurkury Crab 5.95

Crispy batter fried soft-shell crab served with lemon mayonnaise and chilli garlic sauce.

Mo:Mo:  3.95

Fragrantly spiced chicken dumplings with timur tomato chutney.Nepal’s most popular snack.

King Prawn  5.95

Curry leaf gunpowder and panko crumbed king prawns with pickled prawn salad.

Sheekh Kebab  4.95

Tandoor grilled spiced skewered lamb mince, mint and coriander chutney.

Chicken Choila 3.95

Kathmandu Street food. Fried chicken goujon mixed with rocket leafs and red onion.

TaraykoPoika 3.95

Three hours slow cooked pork belly marinated in Himalayan wild berries, stone flowers and rock salt.

Vegetarian Main Courses @ 6.85

Paneer Butter Masala

Indian cheese cooked with creamy tomato, fenugreek and butter sauce.

KTM Potato

Stir fried spiced potatoes cooked with onion and tomato masala.


Sautéed Baby Spinach tempered with cumin, shallots, garlic, and spices.


Yellow lentils tempered with mustard, cumin, curry leaves, garlic, tomato and asafoetida.

Mushroom and Peas

Mushrooms & garden green peas tossed with onions, ginger juliennes, fresh coriander delicately spiced.

Non-Vegetarian Main Courses

Jardaloo Ghost 7.95

Slow cooked lamb curry on the bone with onion, tomato, and whole spices, served on rosti potato.

Ghurkha Chicken  7.75

Chicken chunks cooked in caramelised onion tomato masala, flavoured with coconut and curry leaves.

Lamb / Chicken Biryani 8.95

Hyderabad delicacies, succulent pieces of meat cooked with basmati rice and served with pain yoghurt.

King Prawn Masala  10.25

King prawns cooked with onion tomato sauce and traditional north Indian masala.

Chettinad Lamb 8.95

Boneless succulent lamb chunks strongly flavoured with well-balanced spices.

Pork Vindaloo 7.55

Pork marinate with vinegar, red chilli and cooked in onion tomato sauce traditionally very aromatic.

Tandoori Chicken  8.75

Tandoor grilled two chicken breasts marinated with ginger, garlic and whole spices.

Butter Chicken  7.95

Chicken morsels marinated with ginger served in a creamy tomato, fenugreek and butter sauce.

MachhaJhool 7.95

Seasonal fresh fish cooked with mustard, garlic, tomato sauce. Classic fish curry from the east of Nepal.

Side vegetarian portion available @ 4.50

Steamed Rice 1.95

Fluffy white long grain basmati rice steam cooked.

Cumin Rice 2.35

Basmati rice flavoured with cumin.


Plain Naan/ Butter Naan. 1.70

Garlic Naan/ mint and coriander Naan. 1.95

Dates and Coconut/Keema/ Cheese Naan. 2.45

Price is Inclusive Of VAT. Service charge is not added to your bill.For more information on allergens, please speak to your server. Please inform one of the team if you have any dietary requirements.